holiday poker partyNow that the holiday season is officially here, friends and acquaintances are working hard to plan get togethers during this busy time of year. If you’re looking for something different to do with your social group, why not get everyone together for a fun and friendly poker party tournament. At Casino Party Experts, we have everything you will need to host an exciting evening with friends this holiday season. We have several different types of poker tables to choose from.

Texas Hold ‘Em is one of the most exciting and popular poker games for large and small groups. At Casino Party Experts, we have authentic Texas Hold ‘Em card tables to use for your evening. We also have software that you can use to help customize your event. Depending on your group size, you might choose to play an elimination round or non elimination style tournament. We can help you decide the best type of game to run and will help you customize it for your group.

Another popular poker game is Let It Ride. This easy and fun game is great for beginners. If you have a group that differs in skill and knowledge base of the game, Let It Ride is an excellent tournament to host. At Casino Party Experts, we have professional Let It Ride gaming tables for your evening.

Standard poker tables can be used for any type of game. If you’re not sure which poker you want to play, a standard table will allow you to keep your options open.  For more information, contact us today at #317-857-0168 to help you plan your poker party.

Regardless what type of poker tournament you choose, you will need all the accessories for a successful event. At Casino Party Experts, we have everything you will need including the cards, chips, professional dealers to run your games and even official poker play money to make your tournament an exciting one.

Poker tournaments are the most popular and exciting parties today. The thrill of the game draws crowds from every walk of life. Gaming parties are not only great events, but they are the perfect way to get together with friends for the holidays. If your pals are a little competitive, than this is the perfect fun for you.

To complete your holiday celebration, decorate your home and serve festive appetizers, pizza, egg nog and other beverages to your guests.

This Christmas season, if you’re planning to get together with friends, plan something unique by hosting a thrilling poker tournament. At Casino Party Experts, we have everything you will need to host an exceptional holiday poker party. Contact us today at #317-857-0168 to help you organize an unforgettable poker party to celebrate the holidays with friends.